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Microsoft Zune vs. IPOD


Senior Member
Anyone know if one is better than the other?

I have a PC and heard that I would have to convert all of my files before being able to transfer to the IPOD...is that true?

Thanks for any input and Happy Thanksgiving!! <!--thanksgiving1-->


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You don't really have to do any converting, you just have to move them into iTunes and then load into your iPod. I've never used the Microsoft one, but having friends who have various and assorted mp3 players, I think these days it more a matter of preference.

My daughter hardly uses her ipod since her phone has an mp3 player and she can download straight to her phone.. one thing to deal with.


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Get an iPod

You can't beat the look and feel and operating system. Don't believe all that stuff about converting, etc. I us a Mac regularly, but my iPod is formatted for our PC and we've never had a problem.

As the PP said, you just download iTunes and move your songs into it.

Enjoy!:s) <!--thanksgiving1-->