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Middle School Students!!!


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I just need to vent about my MS Band.....they were horrible today! As a first year teacher I had a very rough start with my MS Band, everything else was fine! We have come a long ways and they have improved so much. Today I saw their old habbits returning and the same students who have improved are starting to become mouthy and disruptive again. I could blame it on the fact that there are only 20 days of school left and the kids are just anxious for summer, but I really hope I haven't enabled them to return to this behavior! I am confused on what I can do to get through to them that it is innappropriate and very disruptive in class.......they just don't seem to care!!! Any advise would be great!


Honey, it's the same

all over. ALL middle school kids are horrible right now. I have four names on my board for after-school detention right now--and I haven't even had my darling sixth period yet! I expect to get three or four more names this afternoon.

Take no prisoners in May! Do your best to engage them, but when they get rude, bust them, don't talk about it with them.


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Yeh Maryteach

I love your take no prisoners comment. I'm in an elementary school and we are all in the same mode. Schools not out, but a lot of students seem to think it is.

Good luck to everyone. And soon summer will be upon us.

Gina TX

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6th grade

Me too!!! Even the veteran teachers are saying they are just crazy right now. I swear it's like they don't care about anything. I have had to make more parent phone calls and send more notes and emails in the last two weeks than I have since I started in January. Hang in there, it's almost over.

Ima Teacher

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I don't like mine very much right now, either. They've been kinda goofy all year, but that's just middle school for you. Now they've become all surly, which I hate! I was talking about grades today, and they were all but YAWNING about it. Then after I gave my information, they started asking me questions about things I'd JUST ANSWERED.