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Midwinter Break

Mrs C

Junior Member
Does anyone else have one of those for this week? It irks me because we've just had the Christmas break & January is always sooooooo slow. I've just gotten back up to speed working every day, & now there will probably be another lull the beginning of March because of this break :(



This is why I sub for five different districts. Today 2/20 is the first day all five districts had off. Friday was a vacation day (unused snow day) for three of the five so I worked that day in one of the two districts that still had school.


Mrs. Monica

Full Member

I only work for two very small districts. Thankfullly I live on the border of two countys. My two schools are each in seperate ones, so they have completely different vacations and days off. :) One has a midwinter break and one does not. With this situation I almost never miss a day of work (unless I need a day off!) :D It's something to look into.


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Year around school

I wonder when they will wise up and have school year around. I think having summer off must stem from when most of the country was agraian. the children were needed to work on the farm. the school buildings are an asset that is not being used to their fullest extent. Of course the teachers would demand more money.


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I wish I had this week off

Trust me....I am a first grade teacher and I would looooove to have this week off. We had two weeks at Christmas and 6 days at Easter. There is not one school day off in March and I'm busy preparing my students for the state test. It would be much better to have 1 week at Christmas, President's Day, and Easter because I am in much need of a break.