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Military wives?


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Are any of you active duty spouces? How you deal with moving and teaching? My husband was active duty but went reservist before we got married. He is being deployed again in May for a year and is thinking seriously about going back active duty when he gets back home (he has really missed it and I can tell it is what he really wants to be doing).

I want him to be happy with his career choices but I'm just worried about moving all the time and trying to find a teaching job, accruing retirement years (I already have 6 years here), certification if we move states, and just military life in general. Any advice? Thoughts? What should I be thinking about and asking about? Thanks!!


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I am

My hubby is active duty Air Force. He can retire in less tha 2 years-20 total. It has its advantages and disadvantages. One is that we have good medical coverage-prescriptions are free if filled on base. If I had to pay for medical at school, it would cost a lot. We've had to move and I've had to find new jobs. My license has been approved by the other states I have moved to. I have taken a lot of courses and have an equivalency of a Master's degree. I haven't needed to go out of the country yet but we thought of trying it. I'm not going to worry about my retirement because it will be ok. He will have one and be working plus we have a business. I have Special Ed. licenses too. So I can really get a job about anywhere. Military life is different that's for sure. Right now I'm working at a school where all the kids on the neighboring base go to. It's nice being around other military families. Plus I'm one of a few teachers that can go on base whenever I want to. I run into kids and parents there. Its harder when we had to live in a town where the base was farther away and fewer bases around. I had to hide the fact that I was a miltary spouse because there was the tendency of schools to not want to hire someone who would probably move. The hardest part of course is when he's TDY. I've gotten little or no support from the base or my employer in the past. Outsiders have a hard time understanding how it feels to have your husband overseas for months at war. They don't think about how they could help. I was alone at Christmas, New Years, our 1st anniversary, Valentine's Day, his birthday etc. and no body from my job thought of asking me if I wanted to do something with them. My family lived far away. His family basically ignored me. A couple of times they asked about him, never me. You have to be able to live on your own, take care of everything and deal with being by yourself. Overall we're glad he's getting out soon. It's extremely hard on marriages.