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Mind Stretchers


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Hi! My dad has a list of mind stretcher sayings that he is working to solve as part of a promotion at work. He has all but one figured out & I thought this would be a great place to get some help. Below are a few examples of what he was given and the translation of the sayings:

*Verdant from coveting--Green with envy

*Recapture ones breath---Catch your breath

*Put more combustible fluid on the blaze--Add fuel to the fire

This is the one he is having trouble with:
*Immature Around the breathing apparatus---?????

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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That was a tough one, I'm just not creative. My first thought was young at heart, but I found a website that had many of the other ones- their answer was "green around the gills".

Hope this helps! What kind of job asks you to do these for a promotion?


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Hi Ellen,
My dad is a forester and this is just a kick off promo for the new year--just for fun:). What was the webstie you found these on? Thanks so much for your help!


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job promotion

I don't think the promotion is a pay/positon promotion. It sounds more like a fun activity/morale booster/team building type of activity to promote leadership or cooperation that kind of thing. When I worked in retail we had book signings, games, etc. to "promote" new books, authors, ideas, etc.

I would have gotten the last question half right. I was thinking the phrase was "blue around the gills" but that just didn't seem to make sense!!! :o


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You're right, this was a fun activity/ morale booster not a job position promotion. Thanks for your reply. Sorry I didn't make myself clear about this promotion in my original post:).
Thanks again:)