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Minecraft music

Classroom Management 


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I've found that the Minecraft soundtrack works some of the time in my art class in controlling student volume.

Other music has been tried, from ambient, electronic, J-pop, orchestral, and heavy metal. These are all songs without lyrics to distract The students simply talk louder to be heard over it, so the music becomes just one more layer of noise. Then I have to turn it off to concentrate, even though several students ask for it to be turned back on.

I've even tried "hey, this song is really weird. If you're quiet, I'll let you listen to it". Then I'll play something like a death metal version of a My Little Pony song. The trouble is, students lose interest after 30 seconds so I have to shut the music off. They've never been able to listen to a complete song before they just start shouting over it, then shouting over everyone else shouting.

I've yet to have a class be silent to listen to music, ever. The Minecraft music at least disappears into the background chatter so the combined talking and shouting in the classroom isn't accentuated further.


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Yes, I play minecraft music in my classroom too. It is soothing and repetitive and just becomes background noise. Kids these days seem to need some sort of noise in their environment and if it's not there they create it.