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Missing since April 2014! ME!!


Senior Member
Hi ProTeacher People!!
I feel like a noobie here since it’s been since 2014 that I’ve posted here...I used to be SO connected to this site & loved getting ideas and making connections...
Life just got in the way

In looking back through my account, I saw that I joined ProTeacher in 2006!!!! WOW!!!

Just wondering if anyone here remembers me. If not, not biggie...just wanted to drop by and say hi.

I’ve got 17 people on my “Friends List”, but have no idea if they’re even still on here. ;)
Does the Friends List still work? I guess I need to send some PM’s and ask a few of them.

Anyway, Happy Monday.
(I sure wish there was a PT App:) )



Senior Member
Hi, Kelly!!!

Welcome back!

If you have an iPhone you can save the sign in page so it looks like an app and open PT that way. Press the icon that lets you send a page and scroll left until you see “add to home page.”

Hope to see you around a lot now!


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Welcome Back

I hope you stick around. This is a wonderful community while teaching and after you retire as well.:D


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welcome back! i recognize your avatar!

i THINK no one does anything with their "friends"....at least i don't. (i think i have 2). i recall everyone just playing with that feature when it debuted and then not realizing a purpose for it.