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Mixed Up Files of Basil...

Reading | Literature 


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I was interested in doing a novel with my fifth grade classes and was thinking of doing this book? Does anyone have any ideas, lessons or websites to use with this book? If not, can anyway recommend a great novel to use?


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I love this book

but when I used it with my fourth graders several years ago they did not like it. If I taught fifth, I would try something else. Maybe...

Things Not Seen
The Giver
Among the Hidden
The Witch of Blackbird Pond
The Cay(use book on CD for first few chapter to get used to dialect)


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Good Book!

I actually just finished reading this novel right before Christmas. I read the book when I was in fifth grade and remember loving it, my students seemed to like it as well. I have a packet that I used for the novel if you are interested. You may be able to use bits and pieces of it. PM me if you would like me to email it to you.


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I think I have a packet too! If you pm your email to me I will look tomorrow and send it your way.

Also, my DS and I just watched the movie today.....so you could do a compare and contrast on the book vs the movie. I didn't realize it was a movie, but was able to watch it through netflix online. :)


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Me too

I would like the packets as well, please. My email is: melissa.beaudre@gmail.com

I used this book last year as the guided scaffold of literature circles. Some kids really got into it, and some didn't like it. I think it depends on interest, just like with anything!


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Just started

I just started this book this/last week. We are using it to introduce Lit Circles, something I have never done before. (First year teacher, sort of) We read it together since its our first circle. For Chapter 1, I introduced Discussion Director and Character Captain (took 2 days, limited time). For Chapter 2, I introduced Artful Adventurer and Super Summarizer. Tomorrow when we do Chapter 3 I will break the class into groups and let them try their jobs. Some of the students like the book, and some want the other option I gave them, Frindle, which we are going to do next. I googled the book and found all sorts of random lesson plans and what not. I havent used them yet so I dont know how good they are, but we will see! :)


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This is one of the few books I try to do each year with my fifth graders. They love it and it offers integration opportunities to the art museum, NYC., etc.


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We did it before the holidays

and the kids loved it. I did something different with this one - no packet work of any kind. I had the kids read it at their pace over a 3 week period and we took an end of novel test. Then I had them complete a webquest (there are several online - just google it) which they absolutely loved! The webquest took them all over the Met website, they saw different exhibits, there's a whole FAQ about the book on there, and I also sent them to find some stuff at our Atlanta High Museum of Art. They liked the interactive nature of it, and anytime they get to work on the laptops they think it's great.


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great book

This book is a great fifth grade book. Despite what the comment earlier said, it is written on a fifth grade level. Witch of Blackbird Pond is also a good book, however, it is on an 8th grade level- I use it for my advanced students. When reading Mixed Up Files, I read The Westing Game with my advanced students to stay with the mystery theme. My kids love Mixed Up Files. One activity I do is to draw a scene from the book a la Michelangelo. They kids lie under their desks and draw the scene with the paper taped to the bottom of their desks. They get a real kick out of it.


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Me too please

Could I also have a copy of the packet you use for this book? My email is blabar@wdpsd.com. We are reading this in a couple of weeks because I am taking my students to a play based on this book. If any of you teach close to Green Bay, WI you should check it out!

Also, I remember reading this book in 5th grade and it was my FAVORITE!!!


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I am reading this book for the first time right now and planning to use it soon. I would love any packets that you are willing to share.

I haven't ever sent a PM before and I can't seem to figure out how! I sure feel silly, but if someone will tell me how I will PM with my e-mail.



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BEF booklet...

This is what I have...It's not great...but its a start!

I should also add....I took this from several sources and just put it together in one place...definitely not all my original work.
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