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Modifications and/or Interventions - suggesti

cdg-1st grade

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What I am looking for is a list of the typical "modifications" you make in your classroom and the typical "interventions" that you do. Some people may see these as one & same, while others may see them as different approaches/techniques, so please feel free to give a brief description of your interpretation of these terms.
Since we now have to provide "data" when bringing up a child to our Teacher Assistance Team and/or for Spec Ed testing, I am trying to assist my principal in delveloping a standard form that our teachers can use to indicate any progress (or lack of) after making modifications and/or interventions for a student.
The plan is to provide a grading/score history prior to modifications/interventions and then list a grading history after the modifications/interventions. There would be a check off list of typical modification and intervention options, with a line for "date initiated". Extra lines would be provided for "other steps taken". The teacher would only check off the ones used and record the date started. Having a standard form would save a lot of time, since our district is very big on creating a "paper trail" to show our efforts to meet NCLB.
Thanks for your input!


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This would be very helpful to me too! We need to have a list of modifications for our "Intervention Planning Team" which sounds like your Assistance Team! I'd love to see a list of modifications that others use!


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A list I have...

This is off a page we add into our IEPs-

Instructional Methods and Materials:
Highlight Text, Study Guide, Use Manipulatives, Alternate textbook, Advanced Organizers, Oral and visual cues, Structured organizers, peer notetaking, other

Assignments & Assessments-
Daily agenda/schedule, Oral directions, study buddy, assignment notebook/planner, shorten assignments, student responsibility checklist, NCR notebook paper(?), numbersteps for written directions, second set of books for home use, write in workbook, dictate responses, graph paer for computations, extend time, seperate content and mechanics, oral delivery of tests, oair directions with symbols, change response mode, retake tests, shorten tests and increase frequency, individually administer tests, study carrel, study guides, other.

Time Demands & Scheduling-
Flexible Scheduling, additional time, reward system, shorten tasks, task schedule with checkpoints, other.

Learning Environment-
Study carrel, provide breaks, study buddy, positive behavior reinforcers, hierarchy of consequences for rule infractions, more frequent parent communication, set transition routine, seat away form distractions, other.

Again, this is a page we add to the IEP, but you can try these accomidations and compare grades or tests scores before any of these were tried and then again after making some accomidations.