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Mom of soon to be 3rd grader


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I am a first grader teacher with a son in second grade He is an A/B honor roll student. However, he detests homework (who doesn't-right?!) and I am concerned about the transition from 2nd to 3rd. I have often heard from the 3rd grade teachers that the 2nd graders are spoon fed and babied too much. How can I help my son be ready? Thanks for your responses in advance! Angie

3rd grade

Being prepared for 3rd grade

Make him be responsible for his stuff; homework, conduct., etc. Make sure that he does not rely on you to remember to take his homework back to school or bring his conduct sheet back. Responsibility is a huge issue in 3rd grade in which they aren't prepared for in 2nd grade. Know that grades usually drop from 2nd to 3rd gradea dn if he isn't doing is best, he could drop to a B, C student. Good luck!!


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I agree with the previous post

I completely agree. Children start out 100% dependent on their parents and SHOULD BE 100% independent by age 18. It's part of becoming a responsible person. It's his job to be a good student at this point in his life. He might detest it, but that's how it goes.

I detest doing dishes but we eat off of clean plates every day. Okay, so sometimes I buy paper plates! But. . . you get the idea!!!!


Agenda Books

I teach 3rd grade and we use agenda books. At first I was a bit skeptical, but they have proven to be effective. The first 9 weeks is time consuming because I check the agenda books every am & pm for assignments and parent signature. After MOST of us get into the routine I spot check. There are still some kids that I check daily! Our school includes the cost of the agenda book in book rental fees .
3rd graders and responsibility

3rd grade is a big transition. Responsibility for your own work is a big part of the year. Our students keep an assignment notebook. They keep an assignment notebook every year through high school. We make sure they understand it is not mom or dad's job to keep them organized, get their homework done and turned in, it is theirs. We have a job educating the parents as well as the students.

One of the biggest problems we have is the parents who say "they were an honors student in 2nd grade" or "They always get A's". We don't have an "honors" program that young and 3rd grade is more content based. It is a whole different world. Grades very often drop because there is more content and we don't let a lot go home that is graded so we see a true picture of a child's ability.

Your child will love 3rd grade. Definitely work on giving him jobs during the summer and working on the responsiblity of completing them.


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Thanks to all for your responses. Responsibility is something we have been working on for awhile. I plan to keep that as a focus this summer and to get him involved in our library's summer reading program. :) Thanks again.