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Money to burn


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I have a great opprotunity to apply and receive a technology grant that could really help me with teaching my 6th grade Language Arts classes. However, my mind has gone TOTALLY blank - what could I possibly use this money for??? I already have four computers (3XP and 1 '98), three printers, and my principal is getting me a promethian board. I also have an avery key, a listening center, and I have the Accel Test hand-held testing program.

If you could spend the money towards technology, what would you use it for? :confused:


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Scanner, digital cameras, projector, Elmo, laptop, software for your computers....

You could do photojournaling, digital storytelling, etc.

Good Luck!!


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Document camera

I am coveting a document camera (Elmo is a brand) so if I had the $$$, that is what I would purchase.

Isn't it fun to spend other people's money!!!!:D


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give it to me :)

Just kidding!

how do you get money.. we are really in need of some money here
can you share the name of the grant and maybe how we can also apply?

p.s. look in some catalogs for ideas

Ima Teacher

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Promethian boards are like my SmartBoard. I have an AirLiner wireless slate for mine. It is really, really cool! I'm sure there's a similar items for Promethian boards.

I also really love my document camera and audio enhancement system.

Mr. C

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WITHOUT HESITATION, one of two things:

1. SmartBoard
2. ELMO Projector

I'd probably favor the ELMO projector -- no more transparencies! You can display things right out of a picture book or encyclopedia, too.

But, with the smartboard, you can display websites and powerpoints. Also with the smartboard, you'll be able to "write" on the board and save what you wrote -- maybe for an absent student??? I've never really used one of these, just seen them.


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me too

I am in your same boat ~ isn't it great! I already have a Smartboard, projector and 7 computers, so I am going for these things:

Document camera (my #1 choice)
Audio sound system (which I didn't think I'd want, but a teacher who has one loves it, especially for when the kids read aloud)
Palm pda
CPS ~ class response system
Alpha Smart
Smart Airliner

I have this technology money because my district chooses one teacher per campus per year to make a model technology classroom. I got to be the lucky one this year. :D

Ima Teacher

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We got into a partnership with a nearby university, and we were able to get 17 "Smart Classrooms". Each classroom received a large wall-mounted SmartBoard, a ceiling mounted projector, a computer, an audio enhancement system, a document camera, an AirLiner wireless slate, and a set of student responders.

I already had a SmartBoard & projector, but they gave me a new one when they brought my other stuff.

I also have a mobile computer lab with 30 laptop computers and a laser printer. Those are great, too.