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Does anyone out there have a cute song or chant to help my kids learn the order of the months of the year? Thanks!


Transition Time

I like to teach many things through transition time moments. For instance, when my cherubs come in from recess or pe, they grab a drink and after a moment, I let them know they need to be at carpet before I reach the 12th month of year (Dec). I begin to slowly say the months with a rhythm. After a few days, the students are prepared for the next lesson because they work faster to meet my expectation and know their months of the year. Works for just about anything small.... days of the week, skip counting to 20 (or what ever number working towards), etc... Sorry it's not a song or chant, but it works!


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Macarena Months

Dr. Jean has a song that is to the Macarena (sort of). I've done it with and without the cd. We do the Macarena, one movement for each month, and then say "Yay, months of the year" and turn around at the end. My kids love it!


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Days and Months Song

The attachment has many version. My students favorites are always the Macarena (with dance movements) for months from pp and the days of the week to the Addams Family (with side stepping and snapping fingers.
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