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More guilty pleasures.....


Senior Member
Here's another dose of guilty pleasures.....

1. Praying for a snow day,and getting one. Double bonus points for a Monday, Friday or day before a 3 day weekend.

2. Zoning out during an assembly.Extra credit for those who can glare a kid into angelic behavior from their seat without missing a beat.

3. Having the teachers room to yourself.

4. Beating the rush to the copy machine/laminator. A standing O if said machines are in operating order.

5. Reading letters and cards from former students on a difficult day.

6. Taping a new picture to the art collection on the fron of your desk.

7. A big hug from a former student.

8. Basking in the afterglow of a day when your kiddos go over and beyond to please you.

9. Having 10 minutes solo on a field trip.

10. Playing hopscotch (add your favorite sport) with the kids.