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More Involved in the Classroom


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Hello everyone! My field placement is in a kindergarten classroom. My teacher is always willing to let me help in different ways, but I would like to be a little bit more involved (without stepping on my teacher's toes, of course). I walk around the room and answer children's questions and sometimes help the group that needs a little extra push, but I would like to do just a little more. Does anyone have any suggestions for some other things I could do or how to ask my teacher for a little bit more? Thanks!


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Small groups

I usually have college students getting hours in my classroom. After a week of observing and getting to know the classroom I usually have them pull a small group. The group might be students who need extra help in a subject area or it might be groups who need some enrichment.


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Start by asking!

If she's anything like me, she's probably so busy keeping things going that she just isn't thinking about it. I recommend that you just ask!
You could ask, "hey, I noticed that Joey and Anna are struggling to learn ____" If you want, I could work with them one-on-one to practice this skill with a game or something"

or "I was wondering if there was someone that you thought could do with some one-on-one help, or a small group that you'd like me to work with while I'm here? I'd love the chance to get some practice with this!"