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Morning message


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Hello! I would like to incorporate morning message into my 2nd grade classroom and would like to hear how others do this. I used mm in first grade and it was great to use for recognition of vowels/consonants, word families, and other first grade skills, but I would like ideas of how others use it in a 2nd grade classroom


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morning message

I have used mm to incorporate phonics as well. Also, often they will respond to a graphic organizer such as a bar graph, picture graph, venn diagram, etc... Introduce them to our them or unit for the week with fun facts. Also teaching the concepts of complete sentences, capitralization, punctuation, paragraphs, how many sentences are in this paragraph?, letter writing, parts of speech (circle all the verbs in the mm, etc... ) The possibilities are limitless. I got a book through scholastic book orders for ideas as well.


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In my morning message, I pretty much tell them what's going on for the day. I make mistakes in capitalization and spelling. I leave blanks to fill in the date, weather, days in school, and specials for the day. This past week I focused on contractions.
After the message I write a question that has to do w/ something we are learning about.
Examples: The week we started the solar system- that mon. I asked them to write the name of something in the solar system. It was a good way to see what prior knowledge they have.
Fri. question - Do you think you will watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies tonight?
When we did Fact and Opinion, I had them write an opinion about penguins when our penguin unit was done.


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I leave room on the bottom of the chart. As the kids come in, they know after they unpack they go to the chart and sign in.