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Morning work

Classroom Management 


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I'm not sure what state you live in/what type of budget you have, but Lone Star Learning is a phenomenal curriculum that I have used in my classroom for morning work. Over the course of 2 weeks, it goes through each TEK (state-wide learning standards).

Superteacherworksheets.com also has some great things that can be used for morning work! There are reading passages, concept review, etc.

Hope this helps?


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morning work

I usually do a Daily Oral Language worksheet (they sell them in workbooks - enough for the entire year), math puzzle or a fun worksheet related to the time of year - MLK crossword, etc. Just enough of something to keep them on task when they walk in the door. I am thinking this year of possibly doing a deskwork packet - given at the begining of the month for the kids to work on for morning work AND free time. Good luck..


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Morning Work

This year I'm going to try something new. I wanted to focus on a different subject each day so this is what I plan to do:

Mathematical Mondays
Students will solve word problems and/or math problems related to the skills we'll be learning that week. I might obtain some of these problems from our Math series by just rewording the problems. I might also look for problems in some of my ebooks and Math books I have in my professional library. :)

Terrific Tuesday Readers
Students will focus on a particular reading skills that we might be going over that week (e.g. author's purpose, main idea, text features, theme, etc). Students will receive a passage to read, highlight/underline, and answer questions related to the skill. I might just get some of these passages from my arsenal of great reading passage websites. :) Others I might copy from Reading ebooks or Reading professional books I have.

Wednesday Writers
Students will write using a specific writing skill that we are learning that week. They may be asked to write a paragraph incorporating that skill or different examples of that skill (e.g. if we are learning about similes, students may write 10 different sentences using different similes to mean the same thing like "happy").

Thinking Thursday Scientists
Students will be asked to think about the science concept we've been learning about that week and respond to it in different ways. One day students may just write their thoughts about the concept. Other days students may be asked to do something a bit more creative like draw a diagram or illustration.

Florida Fridays
Students will learn something about our state and be asked to respond to it by a reflection paragraph or a creative activity similar to those mentioned above for Science. I might also use one of my resource books called "Florida Dailies."

So that in a nutshell is what I plan to do this upcoming school year. If students are finished with their work, they will be asked to take out their indepedent reading books and read for the remainder of the time.

Best of luck to you!


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Thank You!!

Mariely: I love the concept of something different each day!! Great ideas!
Luvinit: thanks for the math website! That will be perfect for our small groups in math!!


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Morning Work Idea

I am going to do something similar to Mariely except I am going to call Thursday Thinking Thursday and do logic puzzles, analogies, etc that involve vocabulary. I am going to do Fun Friday and do a coloring sheet or a puzzle related to what we have studied during the week. It will organize each day for morning work and not be too repetitive.


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Morning Work Ideas

beachaudrey25: You are most welcome! So glad to be able to share ideas that inspire and help others. :D

AN OLD ONE: Great idea for using logic puzzles on Thinking Thursday! Love it! :)


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We do a math problem solving "Problem of the Day". They come with our math curriculum, but you could do use whatever you want. I put them on PowerPoint so I just pull it up for that day.

After announcements, etc. I draw a random name and they work it on the board. They explain what they did and others ask questions about it. We moved to having 2-3 students show what they did and explain it as it became faster. Great discussion with this and since it's random everyone has to do it.


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As always wonderful ideas. I am wondering though where did you find the Florida Dailies??

Thanks for sharing again!!


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In the past I've done daily math and language review, but The Book Whisperer has inspired me to try something new this year...READ!


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Wordly Wise

Our school purchased us a program called Wordly Wise. It is a phenomenal vocabulary program that I am going to be using as morning work this year. The activities really make them think about the meanings of words and use them versus basic identification. Also, you could consider doing Mountain Math or Mountain Language spiral reviews too. The key for me is to do something that is consistent so the students always know the format/directions and aren't up asking me questions while I'm taking attendance/lunch count/notes/etc.


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Thanks for the great ideas and the website. I am new to teaching 4th grade and our curriculum is State History. That site has a lot of CA history stuff-just what I need more stuff to buy.LOL

Thank you!


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I know exactly what you mean about buying more stuff. LOL I'm glad you liked the ideas for Morning Work. Take care and you are most welcome!

Maggie Sue

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Thanks, luvinit,

I'm luvinit! This is a terrific site. I especially like the fourth grade indicators observation sheets.
PT has bee such a blessing to this teacher new to 4th grade.


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Morning Work Calendar

I also do a different subject/topic each day, but instead of individual worksheets I use a composition notebook. Each month I make a calendar that the kids glue in. Each square has their "assignment" for the day. Monday is usually math, Tuesday is a journaling topic, Wednesday is sci/ss, Thursday is LA or another journal, and Friday is a fun one.

I've found that I have to do the work up front to make the calendar, but it makes daily life SO much easier! Also, when I need to be out unexpectedly, I don't have to worry about getting a morning work sheet ready. The kids just get out their notebooks, find the assignment, and get to work!

I'm not on my work computer, or I'd upload a sample calendar :(



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"Dailies" book

Just FYI, I clicked on the link for the Florida book and found the same thing for Missouri! Thanks!