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Mothers day Craft



Hi ! Has anyone got any simple but effective ideas for a gift and card to make for children in my class for Mother's day (end of March in the UK.. I know not the same as USA and Canada!) The chidlren are 5 and 6 year olds.


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Clay Pots

I buy clay pots when they are on sale and have my second graders paint them. They love it! Then I put in some styrofoam in the bottom of each one. (I save styrofoam that is received in packages or buy crafting foam.) Next, we trace hands on either white paper or colored construction paper. These we color, etc. to use as flowers. The children glue these to popsicle sticks and push them into their pots. I buy seed packets, 10 for 1.00, and the children get to pick 2 to put into their pot. (The packets are glued to a popsicle stick, too.)To finish the pot, I hot glue green crafting moss on the top of the styrofoam/crafting foam. The card we make is actually a small book. The children answer questions about their mother. I hope this helps!
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Some of the teachers at our school collect funds from parents or where ever they can and have the local ceramics store come to the school so the kids can paint greenware for their moms. They always come out nice; plates or mugs or small dishes. I may try it this year.
A second idea I have seen and am considering is a flowerpot pincushion. Decorate the pot with paint or ribbon, and then stuff with pillow batting and cover with fabric which is glued around the edges. Add pretty straight pins and you have it. It was really cute in the magazine. Good luck.


real flowers

Going with the clay pot idea, as a mom, I always liked getting a REAL flower from my kids. When each of my boys were in 2nd grade they brought home a decorated clay pot liked mentioned before, but instead of plastice flowers, there was real dirt and a real flower (Pansy, I think) in it. I kept them in my kitchen window until well into the Fall. I still have the pots! Also, one bag of potting soil and a couple packages of seeds is a really cheap project. Hope this helps.


mothers day crafts

hi, I went to our Walmart and got little votava candle holders and had the children hot glue lace around the edge and bought candles to put in them, they put a little decoration on the front. like a little tiny ribbon, hot glued that on as well.


stepping stones/tile coasters/mosaic frame

Plaster paris or something like that....I've never used but will attempt to pour into pie tins let set for 1 min. and have children place hands then they will place the marbles all around. Just add a garden!

Muffins for mom's with coaster made from tumbled tiles. Stamp any cute kid stamp using staz-on ink pad...I sell stampin' up and learned this trick. There is no sealing and the tiles can be bought at Lowes or Home Depot. Parent's love anything their child made and stamping is hard to mess up. It looks like everyone is an artist!

Mosaic picture matt with child's photo. Children can glue funny foam shapes to a black cardstock and stick their photo in the middle. You may also use a hole punch to add a ribbon to the top for hanging on their wall at home (or fridge...just add magnet strips).