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Mothers Day dilemma



Tomorrow for Mothers Day I will see my mom in the evening. However for lunch my dad asked me if I wanted to go with him to lunch with my grandmother. I don't see my grandmother much so I definitely want to see her. My grandmother's assisted living facility is having a Mothers Day brunch. I am going and my dad, stepmother, aunt, and cousin.

My dilemma is this---should I get my stepmother a mothers day card since I will see her on mothers day? I have never sent her one before in the 12 years she's been married to my dad. But thats really cause I never felt close to her and because of some of the mean things she did to me. It just didn't seem appropriate during my teens to send my stepmother a mothers day card when she was going around telling my dad's family how much she disliked me. This is the first Mothers day that I will actually see her on mothers day. Usually I spend the whole day with my mom. My stepmother has a daughter, however her daughter never really does much for her on mothers day and will be out of town. My stepmother has never really been a mom to me and has done some really awful things to me as a teen. However we've worked through our problems and we get along okay now, but we aren't mother/daughter close. I just think of her as another female relative but not "mom" like. Would it be rude to see her on Mothers day and not give her a mothers day card? I am giving my grandmother one so I don't want to come off insensitive.


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I would give her a card. You have decent relationship now, why not spend $4 to make a kind gesture. It doesn't even have to be a Mother's Day card that implies she mothered you. There are tons of cards available that are for step moms, friend to friend etc.

I saw one yesterday that said something like "We are both too sexy for the suburbs" on the cover and inside said, "Good thing we have each other...Happy Mother's Day!" Not that I am suggesting you get that one mind you!:p My point is that there are tons and tons of non-traditional Mother's Day cards out there to choose from. Choose an light hearted, but non-specific card ("Enjoy your special day!" instance). I am sure it will make your step mom feel good and contribute to your new, healthy relationship with her.


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I agree with Ally. A non specific card would be a very nice gesture on your part and may make a big difference in your relationship. Hope you have a wonderful day with your family.