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Mother's day gifts


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I am looking for some fresh ideas for my 2nd graders to create and give to their moms for Mother's Day. Because so many students come from step-family situations, I would like to have several ideas so that students can make more than one gift, so that no one gets left out.

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Here are some ideas from the teachers in my school. One idea is student hand-painted flowerpots with flowering plants like impatiens that the children planted for their moms. Another idea is for the children to make bookmarks created on the computer with a poem the child wrote about their mom, (You can insert the child's picture or another appropiate graphic like a flower). The bookmarks can be made using the table feature on WORD. We make paper hats from a paper bowl (inverted) stapled to the rim of a paper plate. When they are painted in a pastel color and we glue silk flowers and ribbon bows on them, they are very showy. Another idea we did as a bulletin board was each child made a large heart out of pink construction paper. They decorated a border around the heart, and they wrote three things about their mom on the heart. Then, they illustrated the front and back. We put them on a bulletin board with the moms' pictures. It said "Our Hearts Go Out To Our Moms." You can also make a book of favorite recipes if each mom or step-mom contributes one. Hope this helps you.


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There is a thread going for Mother's Day on the third grade board as well so be sure you check it out! :)


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Artwork Pins

I have the kids make pins of their own art work for their mothers.
This takes little classroom time and a quick trip to Staples.

What I do is have the kids make a picture for their mother on a quarter of a sheet of copy paper. Then I take them to Staples and minimize the pictures on the color copy machine to the size I want them to be. Then I have them laminated right there. We have a laminator at school but at Staples the film is heavy duty and stiff. They can laminate several pins on 1 sheet. Then I cut them out and attach "self stick" pins on the back (no gluing necessary). I get those at AC MOORE.

They come out really cute and end up costing about 50 cents per pin.
(It's the color copying that is the expensive part.)