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Mountain Math/Language Arts


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Does anyone use this? We are interested in buying them for our classes and would like some feedback. We were looking at buying the 3rd grade for LA instead of 2nd grade. Do you think that it would be too much for them? It seems that 3rd hits our standards better. Thanks in advance.


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Purchase them now!

I use the Mountain Language and the Mountain Math. They are well worth the money. I feel our test scores have gone up because of the use of them. Don't have time to write anymore.


Mountain Math

I use Mountain Math in 2nd grade and I think it's terrific. I agree with the one that said it is worth the money! My kids did better on a mid-year math test, and I know it was because the Mountain Math. Next year I'm getting Mountain Language.


mountain math/language

I have had great success with both. After you get the students trained on how to do it, it will go smooth. A couple of teachers in my school use this and this has inspired my school to purchase it for all teachers. It hits on so many things-everyday is a review.


Mountain Math

We've been using the Mountain Math for about 4 years now. We loved it so much we convinced our principal that the entire school needed to be doing it. We looked at Mountain Language and 2nd was lower than our standards and 3rd was beyond what second graders are expected. We didn't order it, but I think it would have been good to get the 3rd and do those things which we think would have been appropriate for our students. Have you tried Target the Question? It's a word problem/problem solving system. This is the first year we've used it and I love it. You have a problem scenario for the week and each day of the week (Mon-Fri) there's a difference question to answer about the story.


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Great for enrichment, review and workstations(once they have the format down) My 2nd graders took about a month to get it and now they have it down pat and can complete it within the week doing 4 problems a day.


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Mountain Language

If you have to make a choice I would go for the 3rd grade kit. I have used both in a bridge class and the 2nd grade is good for initial review but the 3rd grade one is more challenging and I feel it hit our standards too.