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Movie Party


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We are having a movie party for my dd's birthday and I would like to transform our rec room into a movie theatre. I would like to cover the walls with something black, like fabric or maybe plastic. I would like something inexpensive but I am having a hard time finding something that would work. Maybe plastic or vinyl tablecloths? Any other suggestions? Thanks!!


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Not sure it would work but

it would be economical----black trash bags taped together. Then you could reuse them.

Just a thought!


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For my daughter's Spa birthday, I wanted to do the same thing. I went to IKEA and bought King Size Flat sheets all in pink and just tucked the edge in our drop ceiling. The room looked great! The sheets were under $5 and I only needed about 5 or 6.
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Cute! When should I come over?

I love movie parties!!!!!! :D

Do you have a teacher store near you? I'm sure they have black bucher paper. I bought a few rolls from our local store a couple of years ago to make my word wall. When you're done, you can roll it up and use it for school.

The idea of sheets is a good one if you can find them.

If you want more decorations, check out Oriental Trading on-line, they have a lot of movie party themed items that aren't overly expensive.