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I have seen 3 movies this summer, and I thought they were all great! I've seen Top Gun, Elvis, and Where the Crawdads Sing. How about you?


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I have seen Top Gun, Dr. Strange, and Lightyear. DD and I are going to Thor sometime soon.

Top Gun was really fun. Lightyear was better than I expected. I don't have high expectations for Thor. I'm longing for a really, really good movie.


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I saw the newest Downton Abbey at the theater in early June and have only seen Elvis since then. Enjoyed both. Going to see Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris with a group of friends on Tuesday. Reviews are really good. Seeing Where the Crawdads Sing with a book club friend on Friday. I really liked the book. Not as unbelievable if you have some personal experience with the time and place. I know reviews haven't been good from critics but movie goers seem to have liked it.

Will say that I absolutely hate the Persuasion adaptation on Netflix. I do love Austen, but I don't mind a good modernization that plays cleverly with the story. I loved Lost in Austen! But the slapstick Persuasion is miscast, awkward, and totally misses on the character of Anne Elliot. Didn't someone read the book first? I cringed all the way through it.


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Still being somewhat cautious about being in a theater but I've seen Top Gun, Thor and plan to see Elvis (we go midday, midweek to avoid crowds)

Top Gun was much better than I expected, Thor was fun mindless entertainment and I've heard good things about Elvis.


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I miss movie theaters but same as Pooh, only go midweek midday. And I’m
also choosing movies that are enhanced by big screen. So I’ve seen Thor and Top Gun, which were both better than expected. I liked them quite a bit.


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we went to one movie last summer when covid was dying down before Delta hit

went to our first movie since yesterday--4:30 show--lots of space around us! Jurassic World Dominion--lots of action! had some cheesey elements and old movie callbacks--i enjoyed it.

today we're going to see Top Gun. (we were supposed to watch one last week and one this week, but last week got away from us) JW was my pick; TG is DH's---not really a Tom Cruise fan, on principle--but looking forward to Miles Teller--yum!

i am looking forward to Bullet Train at the end of the month


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We've seen Lightyear and The Rise of Gru (minions).

I don't know when it came out but I saw that Sandra Bullock/Channing Tatum movie when it got to streaming. DH had no interest in seeing that with me.


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I just saw Where the Crawdads Sing yesterday. It was decent, slow in parts. Part of that may have been that I'd read the book and thus remembered most of the plot LOL.

I saw Jurassic World in 3D earlier this summer and it was enjoyable.

Also saw the new Downton Abbey movie when it came out. I had only seen the first few seasons of the show, but it largely didn't matter. I was still able to enjoy the movie just knowing most of the characters.

I am visiting home next week and my mom always wants to go to the movies- I'm thinking probably Mrs. Harris goes to Paris.

Yesterday, all of the previews before Where the Crawdads Sing were horror movies. Usually they match the previews to the type of movie you're seeing, so I was a little worried there for a second! Not sure what happened there, but there are a ton of horror movies coming out. Not my thing, unfortunately.


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Tigercat: I've seen the exact same movies as you. As a matter of fact, I just came back from Crawdads. I thought they did a really great job with it.
Loved Top Gun and Elvis was also very good!


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First summer since 2019

My DH had brain surgery this summer. We had about 5 evenings in the motel so we saw Elvis and Top Gun--I enjoyed them both.

I really didn't think I would. I am not much of a Tom Cruise fan. Nor Elvis. But both did the job and distracted us nicely.


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I saw Downton Abbey twice. I saw Elvis yesterday. I’m seeing Where the Crawdads Sing on Thursday. I want to Jurassic World and Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, which I will probably both see next week.