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Moving on...what to say to the kids...


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Hi, everyone. I just wanted to ask a question. I have received a closer offer, same district, different school, less driving miles each week (will save me a 120 miles of driving a week), and I will be at JUST ONE school. The tough part is going to be telling my students. I teach K-6. Any ideas on how to break it to them gently? I know some students tend to get attached. I get along with everyone at the school just fine and dandy. The only reason I'm leaving is driving distance from my home is closer. While I'm very excited about my new position for next year, (nice school, 1,000 students, (I won't be the only music teacher...there is one other full time one there besides me,)), I am wondering when and how I should tell the kids. I have told many of the teachers already, as many of them have been asking me, since they know that I commute further than any of the people at either of my present schools.

Any ideas?



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When to tell

First, congratulations on you new position. You really deserve things to turn around after the year you put in.

IMHO don't tell the kids until maybe the last week of classes. Be sure the littler ones understand that you are only changing schools not leaving entirely. Tell them how you have enjoyed working with them and will miss them. Kids bounce well.
Good luck to you:D