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Moving to 7th from 4/5



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I'm switching to a self-contained 7th from a 4/5 multi-age class next year. I'm worried about my classroom being too elementary for the students. What changes do I need to make for the 7th graders? What can I do to make them feel older and not like one of the younger kids at school?


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Hey! Welcome to middle school! I teach 7th grade science and social studies in the same classroom. I try to use one wall for each, to put up a few posters, maps, and such. As far as decorating, I just pick a color combination like I would if I was at home. Last year I did red, orange, black, and white. I had black and white printed gift wrapping paper that I covered my bulletin boards with. I used regular bulletin board trim this year in red, but last year I used silver cupcake liners to make silver polkadots around my boards. With all the cutesy cupcake liners they have now, I'm sure you could find something fabulous. I've also seen boards that were outlined with feather boas. Middle school kids like that. I had wall stickers of red and orange flowers that I stuck on an ugly wall that had shelves up against it. The flowers stuck up over the shelves. I found those plastic table skirts at a party store and put a red one around my desk. I had vases filled with red and orange gerber daisies all around the room up on top of shelves and filing cabinets.

If u want to do a theme, u can, but I find it cheaper to pick colors. Kids liked it. I am still deciding what colors I'm doing next year.


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They are tricky

I have been teaching this age group my entire 11 year career. You don,t need to worry about making them feel older because I have seen them love things I was sure would be too babyish for them. They are a neat age group. They will notice if you agree being authentic with them and that is the most important thing.