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moving to Huntsville, Alabama



I am moving to the Huntsville area in June and have applied for elementary teaching jobs. There are many openings in the Huntsville City schools. I am wondering if I need to do anything else besides the application. Does anyone know the protocal for this district? Should I contact individual principals, etc.?


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districts vary

Each district varies so do what they tell you to do. Some districts will specifically tell you NOT to contact them since they will contact you. With the application you filled out they probably sent a letter thanking you for your interest. . . yadda, yadda, yadda. There should have been steps to take like:
1. Complete application
2. Include a copy of teaching certificate, S.S. card and drivers license.
3. Schedule a time to take the writing/math evaluation.
And so on. If there was no such list of instructions, then by all means send letters or call the principals. I was always told to apply then wait for them to contact you, but my only interviews have been when I contacted individual principals. I haven't gotten the job I want yet, but it's better than sitting and waiting to see IF the phone will ring. Good luck! :)