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Mr. Popper's Penguins


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Happy New Year everyone! Does anyone have any creative ideas or lesson plans to use with Mr. Popper's Penguins? I have a few things, but I am in need of some more! Thanks!


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Kristine we would like to exchange ideas. What ideas or lesson plans do you have. lots of activities at www.littlegiraffes.com Mrs. Flanagan’s web site. Sometimes I have trouble getting to this site, go to google search engine, in search put little giraffes.com Camouflage activity --it is important to blend in with surroundings --neat black and white experiment. Balance egg on your feet like a penguin –might like to use play dough or hard-boiled eggs. Lots more learning activities…. Writing I don’t remember where I saw this idea. Bulletin Board Theme “Our Wonderful Winter” Black penguin for each student and a piece of penmanship paper cut in shape of penguin tummy, with “I wonder…written on the first line. Let students finish. Put penguins on the bulletin board.

Make a penguin mobile of the different varieties of penguins. Draw the penguin on one side and write characteristics on the other. Show map of the Arctic Area
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We used small film canisters as the penguin bodies one time and added construction paper beak, eyes, etc. The students glued the penguin to a small piece of cardboard and then found items around their houses to glue to the cardboard for a nest(?) They really enjoyed it. It was either a second or third grade class.


Ideas for Mr. Popper's Penguins

I teach a 4th grade class and one of my reading groups just finished Mr. Popper's Penguins. They had great fun doing a skit based on the scene in Chapter 6 when Mr. Popper is on the phone trying to get a license for Captain Cook. Below is the assignment I gave my students.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins
Session 2: Center Activity
Readers’ Theater

Attached is a copy of the scene from Chapter 6 where Mr. Popper is on the phone with City Hall asking about a license for Captain Cook. Your job is to perform this scene for the class. You will want to expand the conversation of the scene and add an introduction to give your audience a little background before the dialogue begins.

1.Read the scene.
2.Add an introduction. Remember – your audience has not read this book so they don’t know the characters or what has happened so far. Keep it brief. A narrator will be “performing” this part.
3.Expand the conversation. Give Mr. Popper and each of the City Hall workers more to say. Use the clues from the book to help you know what to have the characters say.
4.Rewrite the scene in script format like this:
Narrator: We will be performing a scene from Mr. Popper’s Penguins....
Mr. Popper:yada yada yada
City Hall Clerk #1: blah blah blah
(You may type it or give it to me to type if you want. I’ll make enough copies for everyone.)
5.Assign parts to group members. (Members may want to highlight their parts on their scripts.)
7.Revise dialogue. You don’t have to copy it over. Simply mark up your scripts.
8.“Dress rehearsal.” This will be a non-stop, complete practice. You should concentrate on timing and smoothness.
9.Perform for the class.


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I clicked on the site and it came up flying. I have had trouble from time to time getting to the site. Do a google search Mrs. Flanigan Little Giraffes. and this may get you there. She has lots and lots of wonderful ideas

Robin Norred

Web Site for Mr. Popper's Penguins

This web site has some very interesting links, a slide show, and activities!


No but try searching in the actual book or on google, yahoo, or any other search tools.