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Multiplication Bulletin Board Ideas



I would love to set up a bulletin board that shows which students have mastered which facts... but my brain has gone dry. Does anyone have a fun idea? This is for 3rd graders.


Beth Presley

I have seen a lot of teachers use ice cream cones and the scoops of ice cream represent each number the student has mastered.


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football field

My grade level uses a football field with yard lines marked for each set of facts. The kids all have a football with their name on it. Their balls move down the field as they master their facts.


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I did a pizza one. I used a red/white checkered tablecloth as a background with yellow paper plates with a paper slice of pizza and the students names on them. Students earned toppings as they learned their facts and glued them on their slice (I put the pizzas on with velcrow so I could take them down and the kids could glue on thier toppings). I had a "menu" posted also with the ingrediants that could go on the slice. I don't remember now what all I had but for example, 1's = pepperoni (red circles), 2's = ham (pink squares), 3's Green Peppers (green squiggles), etc... WHen all students had all the ingrediants we had a pizza party!


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Petunia in Kansas

Mad Minutes ---We start them at the beginning of the third grade. Addition, next subtraction and when we start multiplication we don't give any more add and sub Mad Minutes. Students must get 20 correct in one minute. This makes students stop counting on their fingers, using point math and number lines. If they get 20 correct they get a piece of candy from the candy jar. (a small piece of individual wrapped candy) They like those fruit square things You get a package of them and put in
a pretty jar with a lid. Can't think of the name of them. We use
flashcard drills. Sort out the 0s and they must get them all correct in 40 seconds. And they get a piece of candy. Than we do the 1s in 40 seconds and earn a piece of candy. Oh, yes they are easy, but they had success and you have their attention and you are building self esteem. After we go thru all the flashcards including 10s. We go to the Mad Minutes. Get gumball machine and gumballs at the Dollar Store cheap. If they improve by 3 they get another gumball We do a five minute timing on one hundred facts at the beginning of the year and at the end of each grading period. These are test and stay in their personal file folders in the teachers file cabinet. Now when we start multiplication facts. We do the flashcard thing except this time we work of a banana split party. 0s=napkin, 1s=spoon, 2s=dish, 3s=banana 4s= ice cream 5s=toppings chocolate, strawberry and butterscotch, 6s= crushed Oreo
cookies 7s=whipped topping 8s= sprinkles 9s=a cherry on top. 10s
= nuts.... Get at Dollar Store also cheap. They earn a certificate at the end of year assembly with the number of facts they mastered in one minute in each addition, multiplication and subtraction.

Ms. Bishop

3rdGrade Teacher

I have made up timed tests for the multiplication facts. I have a rainbow on my back wall. Each child has a leprachaun and a pot of gold. Each time they pass (1-12) they move closer to thier pot of gold. Those students who have reached thier pot of gold by St.Patrick's Day will have a pizza party with me.


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Multiplication Banana Split

With my third graders, I use a "Banana Split" theme in promoting the multiplication facts. After the student learns a set of facts (such as 1s, 2s, etc.), they receive a piece of a banana split. The parts are bowl, spoon, three scoops of ice cream, two banana slices, whipped cream, strawberry topping, chocolate syrup, cherries, nuts. The students who have completed their banana splits in a given time get to enjoy a real banana split. I try to allot enough time so that all get to enjoy the treat!
In addition, they love to see their splits displayed in the classroom.


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Baseball and Softball display

A friend had a baseball player for each boy and a softball player for each girl. These were actually colored, cut out, etc. by the students. The players were standing with glove up prepared to catch a ball. Each time they mastered a number, a ball was put above the glove with the number on it.


Pizza Multiplication

I am doing the same concept in my class but I can not think of a title for my bulletin board. Can you help?


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Our school parents....

Are my school's parents overly snipe-ish (is that a word?)??

If we tried to do anything like this, the parents of the ones who didn't learn their facts would be all over us. How do you rationalize the incentive, especially if you have to wait for all students to master? And what do you do about the one kid who may or may not be on an IEP and just can't or won't be ready for another year or two?

I love the idea, but don't know how to make it work where I am...


For IEP or slower kids, let them earn the same parts of the banana split but with lower objectives. Or, if you time them on their facts, give them a little more time or less problems for that time frame. That way, they're not penalized for being slower than the other kids.


Multiplication incentive

Thanks for the idea i was wondering where you get the cut outs for the bannana split, bowl and spoon.