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Multiplication prac. @ home



When they are learning their times facts, what kind of HW do you send home so that they may practice? Besides making their own flashcards, do you use a sheet with facts you are working on and request a parent signature documenting so many minutes of practice? What are your good ideas? Thank you :)


mult. packs

I give students multiplication packs each month with a few facts repeated on different worksheets. Students have the entire month to practice. WE also have a timed test once a week.



Much like a literacy bag, could you make up a few sets of materials and send home multiplication bags to start? Over time you could probably get a class set for everyone at once, or at least 1/2 the class to keep trading off. Each student could take it home for a few days or for a week, until all the students have an opportunity to take them again. Include a tips/ideas strategy page with tricks and hints for parents to keep/refer to. Include a multiplication war game (the bigger wal-marts or teacher store have this card game) or make up your own version, multiplication bingo game, and Scholastic has rhymes and games books for multipliation for ideas, too.


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We have Mad Minutes (timed test) and students take home and finish the problems. There are 100 facts on the sheet. When they bring it back they earn a sticker for their sticker chart and when it is full they earn something. Each time a chart gets full they earn something different. Computer time. A can of pop. A stick of licorice and etc.
Flashcards. Yes.....
Yesterday we watched the video (part 3s and 4s) as a quick review. The video we watched showed one animal with four legs. 1 animal x 4 legs = 4. Next 2 animals x 8 legs = 16. and etc.
On sevens we do the alligerator crawl.
We count by twos and fives.
We do Times Tables the Fun Way. It has unique stories to go with some facts. Example: 4x4 = 16. In a nut shell You think of a 4x4 pick up and you have to be 16 to drive. There are posters and cute stories to help students remember.
We do rays to explain the method of multiplication.
Banana Split party.....Mad Minutes ---We start them at the beginning of the third grade. Addition, next subtraction and when we start multiplication we don't give any more add and sub Mad Minutes. Students must get 20 correct in one minute. This makes students stop counting on their fingers, using point math and number lines. If they get 20 correct they get a piece of candy from the candy jar. (a small piece of individual wrapped candy) They like those fruit square things You get a package of them and put in
a pretty jar with a lid. Can't think of the name of them. We use
flashcard drills. Sort out the 0s and they must get them all correct in 40 seconds. And they get a piece of candy. Than we do the 1s in 40 seconds and earn a piece of candy. Oh, yes they are easy, but they had success and you have their attention and you are building self esteem. After we go thru all the flashcards including 10s. We go to the Mad Minutes. Get gumball machine and gumballs at the Dollar Store cheap. If they improve by 3 they get another gumball We do a five minute timing on one hundred facts at the beginning of the year and at the end of each grading period. These are test and stay in their personal file folders in the teachers file cabinet. Now when we start multiplication facts. We do the flashcard thing except this time we work of a banana split party. 0s=napkin, 1s=spoon, 2s=dish, 3s=banana 4s= ice cream 5s=toppings chocolate, strawberry and butterscotch, 6s= crushed Oreo
cookies 7s=whipped topping 8s= sprinkles 9s=a cherry on top. 10s
= nuts.... Get at Dollar Store also cheap. They earn a certificate at the end of year assembly with the number of facts they mastered in one minute in each addition, multiplication and subtraction.