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music =]


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Hi Everyone,

I want to incorporate more music into my classroom. I use my ipod almost every day with the children. I try to play a patriotic song after we say the pledge and I also try to open my morning meeting with a song and end the day with a song. I want to try to incorporate "real" songs instead of kid songs..

So far I have played Zip-a-dee-do-da and Sunshine day with my kids and it's SO funny to see them singing the words after a few weeks. At first they just listened but now they are asking for the songs and every child sings. I played a few songs while we cleaned our classroom yesterday and every child was singing and cleaning.. it kept them focuses and quiet because I tell them if they can't hear the music they are too loud.

I am looking for music suggestions that they will like and will be able to learn the words. What do you all use?



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My first graders love...

Good Morning by Greg and Steve
Here Comes the Sun
You've Got a Friend in Me (from Toy Story)
Thank You for Being a Friend (Andrew Gold)
We Are Family
Don't Worry, Be Happy
Oh What a Beautiful Morning (Joanie Bartels)

These are just a few of the songs I use to begin morning meeting throughout the year. I have the words posted on chart paper, and I give the kids a copy of the song at the end of the week for their Poetry Binders. They love it!


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Do you introduce each one for a certain amount of days? Like would you play one song every morning for two weeks, then another song for two weeks, and so on, or do you play them whenever you'd like?


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Yes, I do a two week rotation. I have found that to be just enough time ~ the kids learn the words and are still plenty engaged. To keep things interesting, I'll throw in something like Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head on dreary mornings. If we have had a good week together (which we usually do!), we'll have a "Dance Party Friday" during morning song at the end of the week.

I think that any song that YOU can get excited about will be fun for the kids!


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End of Day

I forgot to add that I use music at the end of the day sometimes, as well.

Goodbye Friends by Elizabeth Gowman and
Goodbye Friends by Cosima
(both are on iTunes)

Also, Happy Trails ~ I like the Van Halen version. :)

What is the Sunshine Day song you use with your class?


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Thanks for all of your great songs! I might incorporate the Jackson 5 song ABC because it's fun randomly!

The sunshine day song is on itunes and it's by The Brady Bunch! They love it!

They also like the song one thing leads to another by the fixx.. they don't know the words so much but it's a change of pace, kind of rockish, and we play the air guitar and dance around when we clean on Fridays.

How do you use your poetry folders? I'd love to start them with my kids and i typed up the lyrics to the Zip-a-dee-do song and will copy them for tomorrow. They love that song but I'm going to change the songs this week so tomorrow will be the last day for that one. I bought manilla folders and am going to let them decorate them to be their poetry folders..

We don't have lessons in poetry and are not required to teach it, but I'd love to since i incorporate so much music.

What other poems do you use? How do you explain it to them?


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Reading songs and poems is such a wonderful way to help those otherwise hard to hook readers. I type up nearly all of our songs in a large font for partners to read to each other. I also have them illustrate their song page before putting it in their Poetry and Song binders.

A series of simple poems to recite are the "Chicken Soup with Rice" poems each month. We have a paperback book opened to the current month and stapled to our calendar so we can practice it each morning. At the end of the month, I add a comprehension type assignment as a HW task (they recite, etc. to family) and then add a copy to their binder.

PS~ for songs, we especially love Greg and Steve and Charlotte Diamond.


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Oh, I was wondering if your song was from the Brady Bunch. Too funny. I could see that being a fun one! :)

I introduce at least one new poem per week. Sometimes the poems are seasonal, sometimes they are content related (this week, for example, we are reading one called "Planting" to go along with our FOSS Science unit). Monday we just discuss vocab and read the poem together as part of our morning meeting. The poem of the week is posted on a BB entitled "Poetry Place." We'll look for rhyming words or word families throughout the week. I'll use poems as a way to highlight punctuation marks ("I see an exclamation point~ let's read this with LOTS of excitement" for example). The kids love to go on a sight word hunt and circle words from our Word Wall. Really, anything goes. By Friday, I tell the class we should be able to read together very fluently. Our reading should sound just like talking ~ smooth, not too fast and not too slow.

I'm sure others have a more scripted plan for what they do with poetry each week. For me, it really depends on the poem and what I see a need to draw attention to at that time.