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My Brother Sam is Dead activities


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What activities have you used with this book? It's for a 5th grade class, and we are doing the Rev. War along with it.



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I have done lit. circles with this book...using RT strategies. It has worked really well. I also have had them do a half way through project. I gave them the "100 alternatives to book reports" list and let them choose (with some of my assistance) a project to do. It's been a lot of fun. I also found a webquest that has a final project activity (I can't remember the link...I just type webquest in a search engine, and then, once I'm there, search for MBSID).

Hope this helps! :-)


Can you please tell me if your class is enjoying this book. I have hear alot about it from other teachers on line. I have never read the book, but I am looking forward to reading it during spring break. I talked to another 5th grade teacher at my school, who told me not to teach it as a novel next year because the information on the war is too difficult for 5th graders to understand. Please let me know if your class likes the novel.
You can contact me at alleyfl@yahoo.com
Thank you