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My favourite memory



During my first year teaching I had a boy in my class who was very active! We would often talk about "appropriate" behaviour etc. I used to commute 100 Km. to work and 100Km. home. The school was in a very poor area without much parent support of any kind. During the winter the roads were very scary and I would often be on edge in the morning. One morning I was a little late after driving 50 Km. per hour the whole way in fog and blizzard conditions. I arrived in my class and the little boy came right up to me. My instant reaction was to tell him to sit down and get on task! He pulled a beaded rosery out of his pocket and handed it to me. I asked him what it was for. He told me him and his grandma blessed it the night before. He wanted me to have it to keep me safe on the way to school each morning. It was so touching to me!


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What a wonderful kiddo!!!!!!

My class last year showed that kind of love to a special needs child during field day. The child was included in all the games and competitions. We came in last every time. My kiddos were yelling "go Kat go". and "don't forget Kat." They had more fun sharing the day together as a class than winning anything. Her dad and aide were marveling and I was so proud of these sweet, wonderful kids.:p