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my kids have lost it


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ugh. We still have 6 weeks of school and my kids have lost it! They cannot even follow a simple direction:confused: without doing something goofy, obnoxious, or off task. I have tried putting up a daily goal (i.e. "today I helped a friend") and then had them sign their name under it, but they weren't honest. All they wanted was to use the dry erase markers! I have tried highlighting the kids who are doing the right thing, but the other kids are so off task that they can't hear me highlighting the good behaviors! It is hard to really keep up with our last units in our core subjects because I feel like the routine of it all is driving them away from me! What do you do to keep them grounded in the last weeks of school?!<!--yawn-->


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I know where you are coming from!

We only have 18 days of school left though. I am ready for summer.


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23 days and it will be a miracle if we all make it out alive!LOL They are so off task and we still have state testing to do in 3 weeks!!!!


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and I thought

it was just me!!! My kids are bickering and tattling about every little thing. I am exhausted by 9 am! 24.5 days left for me. I've gone through it every year for almost 25 years so I should be used to it. We'll make it. Then, when school starts up again we'll have forgotten all about it!


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Same Here

I'm glad I'm not alone. I don't have it as bad as others in my building but it's still bad for me. I have many phone calls to make tomorrow on my prep due to behaviors today. We still have 28 days to go. :(


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I blame it on the weather

Mine can't even follow hallway rules. Well except for today. They worked pretty well. maybe the tide is turning!:)


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Mine are done!

We had our state testing 3 weeks ago and have 23 days left. The kids seems to think that because the test is over (which took 2 weeks) that school is also over. The have tuned out. I wish our state would administer the test the last 2 weeks of May so the kids could really be done. Does anyone else's state do this?

To boot, I was blessed with a magnificent student teacher since January and she finished last Friday! I'm all alone. :)


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Maybe a suggestion you could use

I recently tried in a classroom I was doing a lesson in that every time someone was off-task or talking or whatever... I would write their name down on the overhead (chalkboard or chart) without saying a word or stopping my lesson. If they continued, I put a check by their name. For every time their name was there or had a check by it, I took a minute of their free time from them. This seemed to work... especially because once they saw their name, they shaped up and I didn't have to put checks by their name. I hope this helps.