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My student teacher will be missed.

Bonnie gr. 2

Full Member
Today was my student teacher's last day. She will be missed! She was very good with the kids, worked hard, was organized, and helpful to me personally. She wanted to learn and was willing to try different things. I enjoyed working with her and I also enjoyed her company. I know that she reads these boards sometimes so I hope she sees it! We'll miss you, Diana!

Sharon D. W.

Full Member

I too had a great experience with a student-teacher who completed her final placement yesterday. When you described Diana I thought of Jennifer right away! Jennifer is a very talented, resourceful teacher who is very dedicated to her students and was an amazing help to me as well. The students miss her and so do I. :( I wish her well in her career in Education. I look forward to working with her in the near future - we hope. CHEERS to wonderful student-teachers! :)