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My Top 10 New Year's Wishes for You!


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  1. Family that gets along
  2. Your health problems to disappear
  3. A house that stays clean
  4. Pinterest projects that turn out well
  5. A positive balance in your bank accounts
  6. Students who cooperate
  7. High scores on your evaluations
  8. High VAM scores
  9. All your students meet their goals on their SLTs
  10. That your president, secretary of education, governor, state superintendent of education, senators, and representatives realize how important teachers are and how much they should listen to us!
Feel free to add your own!


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Thank you

Theank you for the good wishes. I would add:
A heart filled with peace and the energy to remain positive.
Happy 2013 to all my PT family.


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Good health

To all...that is so important.....when you are well, life is good...I see my BIL and FIL with cancer related issues.

Have good times with your students

Stay positive when school related issues get tough

Family is important....and always first....have good times with your family

A blessed 2013 to PT family and friends


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adding one....

I wish everyone a year filled with LAUGHTER!!, chuckles, giggles, and smiles.:D

All of the above make your heart happier and your step a little lighter, so here's to a year of laugh out loud belly laughs and those little chuckles that make your heart glow with gladness.