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My Valentines


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I teach 5th grade, and this year I have had (putting it mildly) some very difficult children. It is my first year at a Title 1 school-coming from a more affluent school, and some of the issues the children deal with are heartbreaking. All but 2 of my students are free lunch, and usually do not even have the basic school supplies. Last week, on Valentine's day, I entered school tired from taking care of my daughter the night before (she had the flu). The principal immediately stopped me from entering my classroom. I felt a little impatient about the interruption because I wanted to get some things done- and I was a bit cranky from lack of sleep. After about 15 minutes, I finally told her that I needed to get busy before the first morning bell rang. I entered my classroom, and lo and behold there were my students yelling Happy Valentine's Day, Mrs. ____. They had food, drinks, handmade decorations, gifts, and giant smiles. The principal told me they had come to her 2 weeks prior with this idea. They told her how much they loved me, and that they wanted to surprise me on Valentine's day. I was further informed by the principal that the children had arrived very early in the morning- in fact, one student, who has given me more than one gray hair- showed up at 6:30 a.m. All day long I was told how much I was loved. And to prove it, they were good the entire week! No fist fighting, no insults, no talking back. I cannot put into words how much they touched my heart on Valentine's Day.


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Lucky You!

Thanks for sharing your Valentine's Day story. It certainly put a great smile on my face. Don't you just know that the plans and the secrets your darlings kept (from you) made the day even more special for them? What a win-win situation. Gotta love those students, even if on just one day of the year! Again, thanks!