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Name the Fish



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This might not work for you, but my class two years back named our class fish (a blue beta) - Elvis Fishley. (Don't ask. They loved the name! Alas, Elvis died a short time ago; he'd gone home to live with one of the students after that school year was over. Her brother is in my class now and reported that Elvis had died.)


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what about...

Smurf? haha, you can tell what generation I'm from!

I like the Seuss idea? Maybe something blue from one of his favorite books?


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my bettas

I have two bettas in my class. One is named Sushi and the other is Tele (after Telecaster Guitars).

Maybe something Japanese like Yoshi.


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Bettas, gotta love 'em

Over the last three years we have had 21 bettas, now we are down to six healthy males. I will see if I can remember their names:

Our six ones are named:

Midnight Blue
Night Sky
Casper (the friendly fish)

and some of the others were named:

Sparky (all the colors of the 4th of July)
Speed boat (yes, the tiny cute fish would swim around the top of the water like a little speed boat. lol I miss him)


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I have a beta fish in my room, as well, and my class named it Data - at that time we were doing a lot of graphing and chose it because it rhymed.

Ima Teacher

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My blue betta at work was named Patriot because we're the Patriots.

Usually I name them for some trait . . .

pleco is Darwin because he fell out of the tank and lived for three days

white goldfish is Mimi because she's got a bright blue stripe over each eye, like eye shadow

another goldfish is Callie because she's a calico

the black moor is Chief Blackfish

Rocky and Kirby earned their names by getting a rock stuck in it's mouth and eating everything--like the Kirby vacuum

L8 4 School

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Thanks for all of the great ideas....

Ironically, I suggested Elvis because he, of course, loves Elvis Presley. When I saw the Elvis Fishley post, I knew it was a hit...it even made me laugh right out loud!! LOL My principal said that should Elvis Fishley become one of the dearly departed, we will have to say that "Elvis has left the fishbowl." LOL

Indiana Jen

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I had a beta in my classroom until last week when she went to the great fishbowl beyond the sewer. My class named her Sushi. The next year one of the girls stuck her head in during meat the teacher day and yelled out "How's Tuna!"

They tried to tell me naming a fish Sushi is like naming a cow Hamburger. I thought it was a fun name. :)


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We had a Beta

two years ago and the class nominated and voted on the names--in the end we were split evenly between Fred and Fish (not real original but I teach SpEd). Well, my last name starts with H so I named him Fredrick Ichabod Samuel H*** so his "first" name was Fred and his initials were FISH :D Everyone was happy...