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nationwide job search



My husband and I are possibly splitting up and I want to search for a teaching job. I'm open to going anywhere and starting over. Does anyone know a website where I can do a nationwide job search? I also want to do some research into places that would make me happy.



First of all, I'm sorry to hear about your marital problems. I hope things work out for you.
You might want to concentrate on states that have many job openings and the climate you would prefer working in over a national search. Many states list their openings on their state edcation department's website. This time of year, you'll find very little any where. The jobs will pick up in Feb. or March. I know that there are many openings in the following states: Florida, North Carolina, Washington DC, Maryland, Texas, and Nevada. This is for elementary jobs which I'm assuming you're looking for. The openings are greater for jobs in Special Ed. and easier to find if you are a minority, teaching in an urban setting, or a male teaching in elementary etc.
Best of luck on your search. I guess its wise to be proactive. Make sure you protect your assests and talk to a couselor/lawyer to get any other information that may help you on your journey.


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I hope you don't need my advice because then you and DH have worked out problems.

I don't know where you are, but NC is always looking for good teachers. There are jobs in all kinds and sizes of schools and areas, so it would be a good place to go. I see someone suggested a NJ site--no offense to NJ, but if is a very difficult place to get a job, so it might not be your best choice.

I will sayd some prayers that you and DH figure things out and do what's best for both of you.