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NC teachers--MClass assessments

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When you are completing your TRCs and you give the written part of your comprehension questions, are you allowed to help the students read the questions? I teach first grade. The students are reading above grade level but some have problems reading the comprehension questions that they have to write the answer for.


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Yes. I read the question to the student. We have new written comprehension questions. We were told to have our laptops with us when we test students on level F or higher, so we don't waste paper. The students write their responses on a separate sheet of paper. I have printed out comp. questions that have charts for students to complete.

My question is, "Are students allowed to use the book to answer the written comp. questions?"


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Students are allowed to use the text! I haven't looked at 1st grade questions, but in third, they are often asked to reference specific details from the text...:)



We also got new questions and were instructed not to read the questions to our students.
If the book is a second grade level book then the written answers must be at a 2nd grade writing level. Our students are allowed to use the book for the oral and written questions but not on the levels for the retell.


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MClass written questions

We,also, are using the new questions. The written questions/answers are those above level E. We are not allowed to read the questions and the students cannot write in the books. We must make copies or write the questions on plain paper. I have had to lower some students as many as three levels because they could not read all the words to understand what they were to write. But they could read 100% of all the leveled book.
I think this is totally unfair to the students. The words in the questions are not the same level as the text.