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NCEA in Atlanta


Senior Member
Hello, I was wondering if anyone is planning on attending the NCEA conference April 17- 21? If so, have you looked at the schedule of speakers and what looks good?
Thanks in advance for sharing!


Senior Member
Im going with 3 others

I havent had time to look at it. I glanced at it and the book is very confusing. It is not by day but by level or category. Very hard to find what you want if you are looking for a variety of things and not just your specific level.

Where are you staying, there are four of us going from our school and it is my bday the 17th the night we arrive so we are doing dinner out:)

I am looking forward to it, but really really wish it was still in New Orleans and it was all the way it used to be. The main reason i signed up to go was the original location, it is during our spring break and new orleans over spring break sounded pretty good.