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Need a Mystery box from AZ, Tx, NM, OK



I am looking for a class that is willing to do a mystery box with my fourth grade classroom. We are learning about the southwest region and I thought it would be something fun to try. I read about it in a pervious posting. Heres what the other class did. They tried it once and said their studnets loved it.

My class would fill a box with clues about our state (MN). The clues might include information about our state's climate, government, economy, and/or pop culture. Your students would use the information to figure out which state the box came from. Then, we would repeat the process with your class sending my class a box of clues.

If you are from one of the states listed and want to do this- e-mail me at ohme0101@stcloudstate.edu, (letter o) (Number 0101) I sometimes have problems with people understanding my school e-mail address. Or I guess you can post a reply

Thank you!!!


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Mystery Boxes

My class would be interested in trading mystery boxes. We are from Texas. I will email your school address.