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Need a some type of pencil gripper


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I have a third grade student who is left handed and who also holds his pencil is a very strange way. He can barely move his pencil across his paper and for the most part can't even see what he is writing because of the position of his arm and hand. His writing is worse than that of a kindergartner. Someone told me that she once saw a child using something that forced the student to hold the pencil correctly. Whatever it was fit over the pencil. I'm hoping that someone reading this post know what I'm talking about because he'll never master cursive with the way he writes now.



Grotto Grip

There is a device called a Grotto Grip that you can purchase. It forces kids to hold the pencil correct way. There are grips that you can buy at teacher stores (triangular plastic ones or softer squishy ones) , but they're not as good. You can go online to find out about the Grottos.

Good luck!


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Found it!

Thanks so much! I went to google and found pics and everything. I've already forwarded the info on to my student's mom.



Is his arm tight too to the body or reaching too far away from the body because either posture can cause this?
Try these:
1) let the student lie on the floor to write (yes I know this may seem weird), but it works by allowing a shift of weight. Or lower his desk. Or give him a seat wedge. Same principle.

2) try a slant board.

3) try a ball point pen slippery

4)or mechanical pencil because the lead will break unless you have a fine touch.

5) buy him a very special pen and tell him he can only use it if he's neat.

6) I'm sure you've tried this but a pencil grip.


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I'm a Lefty

Please keep in mind that left-handed people cannot see what they have just written. This is because we write from left to right. If it were in the opposite direction, all you right handers would not be able to see what you wrote.

I'd like to add also that not all left handers write sloppy. I think this is a common misconception. I have very legible handwriting. One of my students commented one day that I have "typewritter" printing. She meant that my writing is so straight and nearly perfect.

But I see more leftys with horrible handwriting. I think, in part, it is due to teachers not knowing how to teach the child to position their paper in the opposiite directions and not holding the pencil properly.


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Help! I just typed in "Grotto pencil gripper" on Google and received pornographic links. Please tell me how you found pics and info on Google for this pencil gripper. This gripper sounds like it would help several of the Kindergarten students in my classroom, If you found an EXACT site for the gripper, please post it here.
Thank you!
RKM :s)


Response to GM's Message

The initial inquiry did not state all leftys are sloppy with their handwritting, the person stated that this particular child was having extreme difficulty and limited arm movement. The person was trying to help the child at the stage that he/she could still be helped.

The original posting was individualized please do not make this into a generalization and anti-leftys.

My sister has beautiful handwriting and so did my grandmother (they both use/used their left hands to write.) My sister however cannot use left handed scissors or catch ball with her predominate left hand. I have horrible penmanship for a righty (I could not see the board when being taught in the 2nd grade, I needed glasses. By the time I got my glasses we were working on "s" in cursive handwritting).

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The Grotto Grip not as good as the crossover

I found a grip called the Crossover it is softer and works better than the Grotto grip, it was found on www.thepencilgrip.com


Grotto Grip is better than Crossover

Hi! The Grotto Grip can be found if you google "Grotto Grip" ! It is harder than the crossover for a reason - to support the joints of the hand. It also pulls the middle finger in so that the small muscles of the palm have to work which allows the fingers to move more fluidly and with less pressure. Don't be confused with softer meaning better - it just may allow a person to hold the pencil incorrectly more comfortably and won't necessarily train the proper muscles needed for writing. The Grotto Grip may take a little while to get used to because the person may be having to use totally different muscles for writing - it would be like having to change your grip on your golf club or tennis raquet!