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Need Advice


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Hello all! First of all I apologize for this for I know this site is mainly for teachers/students becoming teachers etc. I'm not quite there yet, but I have made the decision to finish my education and have decided on Elementary Education. I have so many questions regarding the field that I don't know where to turn. I guess my main question would be, "Is this right for me or am I right for the career?" The more I think about it the more I believe I would like to teach. I even like the idea of the paperwork and planning. Go figure! But then I think of the impact I may have on the children I teach and frankly it scares me to death. Most kids have more contact with the teachers than they do with their families. I guess what I'd like in response is some feedback on likes and dislikes of teaching for you find out more from the people living the career than from any college catalog or career connection. Also maybe advice on other resourses that might be available for people even thinking about teaching.


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well, okay...

To answer your questions: What do I like? I like my kids. I genuinely think that they are cool individuals. I like having summers "off", although you will find that many of us use summers to plan for the next year, take continuing ed courses, etc so we are never really OFF. I lkie watching light bulbs blink on when some difficult concept becomes crystal clear. I like lots of hugs, cards, pictures that show I am loved and appreciated. I love comparing beginning of the year materials with that of the end of the year to see how far we've come.

And dislikes? I don't like that my district adopts new program after new program without giving any of them a chance to succeed or fail. I don't like pressure to teach "to the test." I don't like redundant paperwork. I have to list certain test information in 4 different places. I don't like the way a lot of parents raise their kids and the expectations (or lack of them) that are sometimes in place. (One of the first lessons learned in the classroom: Ever want to know why a kid is the way they are? Just call the parent in. It won't be so much what they tell you but the way they act themselves.)

Why don't you take a trip down to your local school, pick a grade level and ask to sit in. Better yet, volunteer there. You'll get to see a real working classroom, meet a few kids, and really get a feel for some of what goes on.

Good luck! Teaching is a lot like parenting. It is wonderful, terrible, challenging, tiring, and rewarding all at the same time! Know what? I decided to be a teacher in 7th grade but didn't become one until I was nearly 30. It took me that long to truly realize that I would never be happy anywhere else!


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To Teach or Not To Teach

If your schedule allows, you could volunteer in a classroom or after-school program, YMCA, church program, teaching Sunday School, etc. Working with the kids should give you a good idea if you're going to like it. I have never known a good teacher to turn down good help!


i agree with shari

I agree with Shari volunteer with activities that include kids (not only will this help you work out if this is right for you but looks great on the resume) Places like kindergatens, sunday schools, school camps, elementary schools, tutoring etc will all help make your decision easier. Have you discussed this with a careers counsellor or a uni lecturer they are a wealth of information and a huge support. Good luck.