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Need advice


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Greetings everyone,
I'm a second career teacher. I've been subbing for three years while working on my credential. I've been searching for a permenant teaching position for more than two years with no success. I've gone to Job Fairs in my area and took several long term assignments hoping to get hired in a permanent position. But, so far, I have not recieved a job offer. I welcome any advice, suggestions or ideas.


Your lack of success depends on 2 things:
#1: your location. Some states, such as FL, really need teachers, whereas other states have much less of a demand.
#2: your subject area. It's much easier to be hired if you are certified in Science or Special Ed than Social Studies or Art.

Good luck in getting a job.


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I Agree, Specialized Training!

I am finishing up my student teaching job in special education and found that I am already in high demand. I actually had one principal call me at home to make sure I attended a career fair that represented four different school districts. I would definitely suggest getting some extra training in special education or an endorsement in ELL (English Language Learners) for example, SEI training, in addition to attending multiple career fairs. Tis the season!

I wish you the best of luck, I am also hoping to begin my teaching career in Auguest of 2006.


more info

What is your cert. in?
Where are you applying? (state, city)

I went through the same thing. I finally packed up and moved south. Now after staying home for 6 years, I'm trying to get back in. I have taken classes to keep my cert. up and to stay on top of new trends, volunteered my heart out at my kid's school... I have applied to over 50 positions around where I live and haven't heard a thing. I have 8 years experience and have served on many school committees and as a team leader for at least 1/2 my teaching career and can't get an interview.