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Need all the advice!Reading Specialist

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I have an interview Friday as a reading specialist for grades K-1. Any advice on what to cover in the interview? What I should brush up on? I know the school uses Fountas and Pinnell with students that are reading. What assessments do you suggest for those that are beginning? Programs? Anything helps!!

Dr. A

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Reading Specialist Advice

I am a K &1st Reading Specialist (1st year). I taught K for 21 yrs. prior.

My Principal really wanted me to take the Reading Specialist position at our school. I was reluctant but finally agreed-BEST decision ever. I LOVE my new position. <!--lovestruck-->

When my principal was trying to convince me to take the position, these were her reasons that I would be excellent for the position

My Admins Perspective on Why I was Perfect for the Postion
1. My strong reading instructional skills & knowledge of effective reading
2. My ability to improve students reading, (based on data of school assessments)
3. My ability to provide professional development for teachers. I present at the national, district, & school level.
4. I can make a greater impact with more students daily.
5. I am respected by my colleagues & get along with everyone.
6. I am PASSIONATE about literacy
7. I have taught (K-2) literacy for over 20 yrs.

My Advice
1. Know various reading skills, grouping, & strategies, literacy components-Big 5, stations/centers, Guided Reading, Writing, etc.
2. Know how Reading works (theory, developmental progression stages etc)
3. Know how to differentiate based on reading skills, needs, levels
4. Know about F&P
5. Become familiar with the assessments the school uses.
6. Know how to use data to develop your groups, lessons, assessments, etc
7. Have a PASSION for literacy
8. Make literacy fun, exciting & interactive for students who need additional reading instructions due to some struggles
9. Help students to become confident independent readers.
10. Be willing to collaborate with classroom teachers often to determine needs & growth of students
11. Ask whether the position Is pull-out or push-in. I prefer “pull-out” . It is more effective.

What is your current position?

Wishing you the best on your interview.

Let us know how it goes.
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second DrA

Also suggest checking out the school. Drive the neighborhood as school is letting out to see students, parents, teachers interacting.

Go on line and see the school's ratings and test scores of the students. What areas are successful, what needs more support. The district and state websites often have this information along with socio-economic information.

There will also hopefully be information on the curriculum, standards, and programs being used. Doing some research on the publishers' website of any listed programs would be a boost.

Figure out some questions you want to ask about expectations, goals for the position, etc.

Pardon if I state the obvious: arrive early, bring copies of you resume (in case), dress professionally.