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Need books!! Help



I heard that "First Days of School" is a great book for new teachers, any other must haves? I am just beggining student teaching, but im excited to read these helpful books. Which would you consider the best or most helpful book (theaching wise) that you have read?


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IT is great.

I loved this book. I told someone is another post how I took his course at the local IU several years ago. SOme of his ideas are a little corny but, most of them really do work well. He has a tips that I wish I had when I started to teach. Definately pick up this book.

MArie from PA

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The Essential 55

It's a great book. You wouldn't use all of his rules. But it gives you some ideas, things you might adapt for yourself. Ron Clark is very enthusiastic and I found it very motivating.


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When I first began my student teacher, I spoke to my mentor about what books I should be reading. This woman has taught elementary ed for thirty years, been a principal for ten, and is on the MASS board of education for developing curriculum. She gave me the following titles of books she "could not live without". THey really are the best:

1. "Assertive Discipline" by Lee Canter (Classroom management expert!)
2. "First Days of School" by Wong and Wong (the one you mentioned!)
3. "Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom" Susan Weinbrenner
4. "4-Blocks Literacy Model" by Hall and Cunningham
5. "Month by Month Phonics for the _________Grade" Hall and Cunningham

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book ideas

I like The First Days of School also and would like to add another one, Teaching Outside The Box (How To Grab Your Students By Their Brains), by LouAnne Johnson. She is a former high school teacher who has written a number of books about teaching and her experiences as a teacher of at-risk high school kids. I found the above-mentioned book to be both practical and inspirational.