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Need Help -Letter of Resignation


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I need help- especially from those of you with a spouse in the military. DH has received orders to PCS. After much consideration, I have decided that I need to move with him. (He has been deployed, and we have been apart for twenty months.) I had thought about trying to finish out the school year, but I need to put family first.

I have never written a letter of resignation. I have been at my school for eight years, and they are like a family to me. I wouldn't leave if it weren't for this. What do need to include in the letter? I really have no idea where to begin. Do I need to include a copy of the orders?
Any help would be appreciated.<!--leaves_fall-->


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Good Luck!

I am not answering your question of what to put in the resignation letter since I haven't experienced that. But I do want to say that you should put your family first. I think the district can definitely understand your need to relocate. Keep in mind that there are always teachers that leave within the school year--maternity, sickness, relocation.

I would just tell them what you just stated in your post--the reasons and your feelings, etc.

Good luck in your move! What area of the US are you moving?


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In my district teachers who are in a situation like yours usually go directly to the person in charge of personnel and meet with him. He gives them a special form to fill out. This may be the policy at your district as well. It's worth checking out.



Call your union to find out what alternatives to resigning you may have. You may be able to take a leave of absence and be able to return to your job or one similar to it. They would be the ones to tell you what to put or who to contact too. My DH just retired. I'm so sorry you have to live apart for so long. I know how it feels. If you don't have a union, check the wording in your contract-carefully. Sometimes there is a statement in it about how and when to resign. I had a deadline to resign by written in my contract and didn't even know it. But I was resigning at the end of the year because of my DH retirement. So they had to cut me some slack because my DH was in the military. There are laws to help protect military families in situations like this too. You could ask your contact at your base for information on this too. They can help you with the necessary paperwork that your school district might be requesting. His orders are probably going to be helpful for this, but different districts have different requirements. Mine had a clause in in whether I could quit 'with or without cause' meaning that if I quit past the deadline then I would have to give up my state teaching license. It didn't matter to me because I never intend to teach there again but I didn't want it in my records for when I applied to the next school district. I was able to have a clean break due to the fact my DH was in the military.


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Talk to personnel

Please do NOT send a letter to your district until you have spoken with your personnel department.
Many times, you may take a leave of absence for a year or two and get your job (not necessarily the same position).
In my district, if your spouse gets a job transefer - you have recall rights for two years.


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No great input here, but

I could be writing the same post in another week. My husband is deployed right now and should be coming home right in time for Christmas. We are waiting anxiously for the possibility of orders. We should know by the end of next week. I agree with other poster that family comes first. You have been seperated to long to add more time apart by staying. I, too, would explain yourself in your letter in the same manner you did with us. Good luck to you!