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Need help with a new student


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I have a new student who has been in my room for 4 days. He is very cute, and nice, and seemed to be pretty well mannered and behaved. However, the kids are now complaining that he's kicking, hitting, calling names, etc. He obviously denies it all.

The problem is that when I speak to him about what he is doing, whether disciplining or not - he gets VERY defensive. He turns on an angry face, crosses his arms and ignores me. He won't move or do anything I say. I've had to call the AP twice now to come and get him.

She told me to write him up on a referral, and we'd call his grandma (who he's lving with here) and set up a conference to get the whole story.

Obviously something is bothering him and he's not happy about being here, but I dont want him to think he can go on all year ignoring me and misbehaving.

And - I've already tried to refer one student to the guidance counselor - and I've never heard back from her (a month has passed)!!!

Any suggestion on how to get through to him for now - at least until we can get grandma in?


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adjustment period

I think I would get with him and have a conversation about his other school. From this you might get an insight into what may be going on with him. I f he is living with grandmother, them the home life might be a problem. You could maybe talk about what he likes to do on the weekend. The family situation might come up within the conversation. Does he have any other siblings at the school? I was just wondering to see if they may be having trouble too.


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Watch Him Closer

I would try to keep an eye on him. Especially during recess time (or have those teachers on duty watch him) this way instead of taking another students word for it, you can catch him in the act. Who knows, maybe the other students are picking on him and he reacting towards them. I would just try to catch in him doing something before you punish him to harshly for it, because this way he knows you are not taking sides. Being the "new kid" is very hard on students, and you don't want them to feel like you are favoring the other students because you know them better, he might think that way, you just never know. I hope everything works out for you and this problem is resolved.


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I appreciate the advice

This is the latest. He has now done the same things to the AP at my school. We called Grandma and had a conference with her this morning. Apparently this is a continuous problem and was like this at his other schools as well. I've done some online research and to me - no joke - looks like psychopathic characteristics. He's chamring and sweet, but then mean and nasty, self-centered, lies, etc.....anyone know anything about this?

He cussed me out today, ran out of my classroom and to the playground - the AP had to go get him.


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new kid

Hang in there. I know what you're going through. It helps to know that he does this to others and not just with you. How old is he? Maybe you could assign him to an older, respectible student for someone he could talk to or do a fun activity with if he has a good day. Something like a big brother might be good for him.



Hi giggles,

It sounds like your little guy may need an evaluation (mental health or special ed). From what you have discribed he sounds like he may have signs of fetal alcohol effect or something similiar. These kids are very difficult as consequences for their actions are difficult for them to understand, they are often impulsive and can't manage behavior.