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Need help with a student that can't sit still


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I have a student that has severe attention issues, she can't sit still or attend to a task for any length if time. What are some strategies I can try to help her?? When she sits on the carpet she is playing with peoples hair, looking behind her, playing with her shoelaces.....any ideas for strategies?? Thanks!


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Something that I've found helpful is giving the child a "koosh" ball. Give her the item only during circle time. Explain that the "koosh" ball is only for rug time and that you'll keep it safe until the next rug time. The other children begin to understand that she will be the only one to have this "koosh" ball during rug time.

Good luck.


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Some things that I have used in the past are:
foam fidgets, a knotted balloon, a disc seat, or if they can't sit still, but are still listening I sometimes put them behind the group. The student can still listen and learn, but cannot reach anyone to disturb them. I can also teach without being disrupted, because even if the student stands on their head, the other students are looking at me.

I hope this helps.


Get out the sillies.

Sometimes when teaching children with ADD or ADHD I take breaks and "get out the sillies." I let them stand up and wiggle around, jump up and down, anything as long as they are staying in one place. This allows them to get out some of that pent up energy that won't allow them to sit still. If it's just one child, I try to modify my lesson or their activity to be more hands-on. If they are busy doing something that requires a lot more energy then they won't have time to be moving around and bothering other children. And I also try the other teacher's idea of placing them to the back of the group during circle or rug time. This prevents them from distracting other students while still allowing them the freedom to change positions or move around.

Hope this helps.