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Need ideas for 2nd grader reading @ 1st grade


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I am currently acquiring my teaching certificate. For one of my assignments, I administered the TRPI (reading assessment) on a second grader. I discovered that he is reading on a beginning 1st grade level. What kinds of activities would you recommend be done with this student to help with his reading?



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Phonics and Sight Words

I'd work on lots of phonics activities and sight words practice/drills. Without these two skills, the child won't be able to read the second grade work


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You might try the TPRI intervention guide. It has lots of good activities to help struggling students. You might also ask this child what the letters on the page look like. I have 3 students in my class who have Irlen's syndrome. The letters on the page move around for these kids. My daughter has it and a colored overlay took her fluency rate from 30 WCPM to 69 WCPM. I had a student who was on a first grade story before he got his Irlen overlays and when I retested him after he got them, he was on a second grade story. For more info about this, go to www.irlen.com


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Do you know of certain phonics activities to use? Alos when you say sight word drill do you mean start off by practicing with flashcards and then quizzing them frequently? Thanks for your help :)


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Sight Words

Last year, my district had to create action plans to improve our students Oral Reading Fluency rates. To do this, the second grade teachers really focused on sight words. To do this, we used the Fry list (there are lots of websites--just goggle it) that have the word lists. We sent the lists home to the parents, explaining at the by second grade, the students need to know the first 200 words automatically. I would work with small groups of students to practice tehse words. I used ability grouping so the students were practicing the words at their level. The students LOVE the flashcards, b/c its a game for them. We would sit in a semi-circle and the students would see how quickly they could read the words. This helped, b/c when the students knew these words, they didn't need to take the time to read them, and could spend more time sounding out other words.

As far as phonics--what reading program/curriculum/series do you use? We use McGrawHill, so I do mini phonics lessons each day. I also use Isabelle Beck's word building ideas one or two days a week. Last year with my struggling readers I would use a lot of hands on activities. There is a great phonics workbook by Carson Dellosa (not sure of the name--I'm home sick) but its pink. Its a big book, and about $25, but it has lots of different worksheets to use as practice too.