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Need ideas for Biography book report


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I normally have my students do a "wax museum" where they dress up as the person they've read and then be "statues" while the parents and other classes come through and see the "museum." I need to have them do something different this year because I'm going to have surgery in a few weeks and will be out for about six or so weeks. I really don't want a sub have to do this.
Any ideas of projects that the students could do that would go with a
biography book?

Thanks ahead of time,
Donna C


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While You Recuperate

Have all of the biographies almost polished to perfection BEFORE you leave for surgery. Then while you are gone have the substitute help the students practice reading their biographies. Then on performance day the students could dress up like their character and read their report while the sub videos them. Then the tape could be delivered to you to watch and grade while you are recuperating. I bet the kids would love to "perform" for you in front of a camera.



These are two of the most creative ideas I've heard in a long time- both posters. What a great idea to do a "wax museum" and then Valerie- what a super alternative. I'll have to remember the museum for some year!!!! :)

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Biography project

Our kids make bottle people. They read a picture book biography of a person who could be considered a hero and record ten facts about their person, including why that person is a hero. Each person takes a two liter soda bottle and a styrofoam ball. The ball becomes the head of the person. Students put a quantity of sand on the inside of the bottle to give it weight. Using any art materials they would like, they design a likeness of the person they read about to go with their facts. They turn out quite amazing, and all the third grade teachers do this. We have a Hallway of Heroes in the third grade wing. My librarian colleague and I are publishing an
article about this in Booklinks magazine in March, if anyone reading this needs more description or a picture of the people.


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Great Ideas you guys!!!

I always do biographies in February and will absolutely try the wax museum.

But for this year it is too late and we will do folded paper people. I give them a plain cut out of a simple person from the large size construction paper. It is simple like a paper doll. They "dress" and decorate it like the person read about. They add interesting facts amongst the clothes and accessories. For example, we had the start of the Gettysberg Address when you fold open Abe's vest, and his familiy members' names across the ribbon of his hat. A baseball player had stats on the ball in his hand. However, it did get a little risque once under a ballerina's tutu! Encourage them to have lots of folds and flaps under which they can write facts.

Loretta Libr

great Idea

I am a librarian and needed a new and novel way to present
black history month.


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I love this idea do you have a direction sheet and rubric for this project?

abigail maria

need help

i need help on a tittle on my biography (student)